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The Latest in Data Center Technologies

Our customers demand personal service and unprecedented reliability. In order to provide the uptime, speed, and connectivity that you need, we maintain state-of-the–art hosting facilities. Our data centers are dispersed around the world in order to protect our customers against catastrophic natural disasters. We do not employ or resell secondhand servers- only new equipment is selected for our customers.

Our shared hosting environments feature low account concentrations in order to provide you with faster load and response times. We don’t offer unlimited hosting plans that attract resource hogs whose consumption can slow or even bring down shared servers.

Of course, you’ll find that our hosting facilities provide all of the security and redundancy that you expect. Our data centers are patrolled by guards, and monitored over CCTV, and our servers are located behind multiple redundant lines of physical security. Climate control, fire suppression, redundant power batteries and diesel power are all standard. Technicians are available in our data centers around the clock, and we are constantly implementing new procedures and technology in order to maintain the cutting edge.